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First it had been healthy food; then came a drive for sustainable living. Now even clothes are organic. It only is practical that the merchandise you put on your system are great for you too.

From shampoo to lipstick and perfume to face creams, it’s simple to live an entirely all-natural existence (won’t you sleep better during the night?)

Fragrance that does a body good

LAVANILA has introduced what they claim is “the World’s Premier Healthy Fragrance.” The idea is novel: rather than loading fragrances with harsh synthetic what dry and damage skin, they use healthy what nurture and condition your body with each spray. In an occasion when everyone’s concerned about global warming (er, global climate change), and toxic chemicals, this device launch couldn’t be any timelier. my pham obagi

LAVANILA’s sensual vanilla blends are meant to “captivate the senses” but they also nurture your skin with a healthier dose of pure essential oils, 100 percent natural botanicals, and super antioxidant technology-so it’s beneficial to you and the surroundings (Al Gore will be proud).

Plant those smackers

Once you consider corn you could picture neighborhood barbeques and roudy children with corn on the cob dribble running down their chins. You probably never thought about using it on your lips. CARGO invites you to change how you think of corn, an abundant renewable resource. PlantLove(TM) Botanical Lipstick is made entirely out of green corn.

The manufacturing process emits less greenhouse gases, which many scientists believe to be the major reason behind “global warming “.The outer carton is made of flower paper embedded with real flower seeds, so all you need to do is moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to cultivate! Now that’s utilising the “whole animal” if guess what happens I mean. Even although you don’t buy into the global warming theory, you’ll love the smooth and silky texture, that is infused with Orchid Complex(TM) and meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba and shea butter. Plus, CARGO is donating $2 from the sale of each shade to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Stella McCartney is well known for her stance on the surroundings and cruelty-free products (oh yeah, her dad’s famous too), and now she’s come out with her very own type of certified organic skincare. CARE by Stella McCartney is really a luxury line skincare treatments formulated with 100 percent organic active ingredients and zero percent petrochemicals or silicones. Examples of products include her Purifying Foaming Cleanser that not only washes away makeup and impurities, it’s designed to leave your skin layer looking fresh, soft, and radiant through the organic extracts hawthorn and horsetail. Her Toning Floral Water the antioxidant green tea and linden blossom extracts to tone and soothe-and help boost the action of the 5 Benefits Moisturizers. The Nourishing Elixir blends natural oils, and a mixture of soybean, nigella sativa, and musk rose abundant with omega 3 and essential fatty acids to help firm and revitalize the skin.

Lancôme turns eco-chic

L’oreal owned cosmetics giant Lancome has announced its eco-chic initiatives for 2007-initiatives that promise to help combat the damage done by the surroundings to humans and help prevent damage to the surroundings by humans.

One of the very exciting initiatives is the launch in June 2007 of Primordiale Cell Defense, which centers on neutralizing 99 percent of the damaging free radicals brought on by UV exposure, pollution, and temperature extremes. A built-in area of the eco-chic program is a proper partnership with, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the general public about climate change. In the

second half 2007, the four Lancôme boutiques located in New York’s Upper West Side; Short Hills, NJ; Dallas, TX; and Santa Clara, CA, should go Carbonfree.

The newest herbal experience

Everybody remembers those annoying-slightly uncomfortable Herbal Essence commercials where in fact the actor who uses the product enjoys it a touch too much. When you use these new shampoos by Vogue International, you might be tempted to express your delight. Fortunately you will be in the privacy of your shower, so feel liberated to discrete a squeal of delight. The shampoos, appropriately called Organix, feature simply delicious scents like Soft & Silky Vanilla, which combines smoothing Tahitian vanilla bean oils with silk amino proteins to strengthen and seal the hair’s cuticles. Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-breaking Serum could keep fly-aways and split ends from increasing, and cause you to smell adequate to eat (be warned, strangers may stand a little nearer to you). All the products within their five collections are sulfate free and contain active organic ingredients. See, you do not have to suffer in the name of saving the planet!

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