Essential Tips For Music Festival Camping

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When you are likely to a music festival there are a few essential tips that you’ll require to understand to make certain you’ve a good time.

First things first. There’s always the chance of some unpredictable weather so it’s best to bring enough supplies that can cope with either boiling heat or torrential rain.

1. Drink

You can not have enough water, the past thing you would like is to get rid of up missing the festival because you’ve not drunk enough of the right stuff and have wound up passing out and in the very first aid tent. Water is what you want, not fizz, not alcohol. Whatever you intend to drink, ensure that the container that it’s in is plastic or some material besides glass. The organisers will on no account permit you to make anything with glass for obvious reasons. sprint center events

2. The Munchies

Don’t go bringing stuff that’s more likely to set off quickly or you’ll wind up – yup, you’ve guessed it – in the very first aid tent again!

Anything that really needs to be kept cool you ought to aim to have cooked by the end of the very first day and eaten by the end of the second or at the latest, 3rd day.

Keep everything perishable in the cooler. You can buy ice on site but anticipate to lug it a reasonable long ago to your tent. Make sure you have plenty of individually wrapped snacks to keep you on the run, fruit such as apples and bananas are good, salted nuts, pretzels, not so good owing to the high salt content, which if you don’t drink enough could make you wind up – yup, right again, for the reason that medical tent!

You’re allowed to bring unopened food and drink into the venue. Bring the maximum amount of water as you are able to or you’ll wind up – do I have to let you know again?

3. Sleeping Arrangements

Bring an effective tent if you can, an open sided canopy thing isn’t what you want coz when it tips down with rain and there’s any kind of wind you can get soaked along side all of your stuff.

Obviously you will need something to sleep on & in combined with the right tools to enable you to put your tent up.

Don’t forget a torch, there’s nothing worse than rummaging around in the pitch black wanting to put a tent up by feel alone. A dining table and a couple of chairs is also advisable, there’s nothing worse than sitting in the mud, it stinks and gets everywhere (trust me, I understand!)

Bring a portable grill or bbq and something to record the big event like a camcorder or camera. Don’t forget to bring sun block and a waterproof like a poncho, along side footwear such as crocs for rain or sun (you definitely don’t want sunburned feed) or wellies in case there is rain and make certain what you may bring is super comfortable.

4. Security

A money belt is advisable, you are able to keep your valuables attached to you at all times. But please only bring the essentials. Now you’re well equipped to take pleasure from yourself at the next Music Festival.

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